Will your business be looking its best for Marbella 2016 summer season? - Continental Design Commercial Marbella
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Will your business be looking its best for Marbella 2016 summer season?

Shopfitting Refit Commercial Marbella Gibraltar

Will your business be looking its best for Marbella 2016 summer season?

Can refits, refurbishments, fit outs and interior design really help your bottom line?

100% yes!

The hospitality industry, like many industries on the Costa del Sol, goes through a roll coaster of a ride during the course of a year. There is fierce competition for the much desired seasonal visitors and the smaller, steady local patronage. With so many venues, what is it that will make the difference for businesses to attract these highly desired customers for the Marbella2016 season?

One solution is to enhance the customers experience and create a more desirable atmosphere through restaurant refits and refurbishments, newly created bar & café design ideas and create concepts to re fresh your business. By the implementation of good interior design in commercial venues, businesses see an increase in their bottom line.

So what factors influence the success of a business? Clearly the venue, its quality, location and service are, however the ability to influence the customer doesn’t stop there. From the moment a customer walks through the door, whether it´s a bar, café, restaurant, nightclub or shop, a sustainable and well-designed space can also significantly influence the success of a business.

The annual seasonal dips this part of Southern Spain experiences, from October to Christmas and mid-January to Easter, provide a timely opportunity for local businesses to take on structural and cosmetic changes to their commercial space. Major overhauls, new designs and construction are usually addressed in the first ´down´ period, prior to Christmas. Refits, refurbishments and interior design concepts are usually addressed in the second period of January to Easter. Last minute touch ups and emergencies just before the season start, at Easter.

Agreed, the merchandise, the product, the food, drinks and service needs to be right. Service is so important, making customers feel welcomed and wanted, but it’s the atmosphere created that brings it all together. Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the desired customer’s experience is paramount.

The most important thing to remember when planning and designing for your business is the client. How to attract the right customers; give them an amazing experience, wanting to come back again?

As customers choose venues which suit their particular mood or requirement, the layout, functionality and interior design are also major psychological influencers in determining the experience of your clients within your particular business setting. Creating a good layout and quality interior design not only affects your company and business performance through an enhanced customer experience, it also increases employee wellbeing and motivation, which in turn leads to better customer care.

When developing a space plan for a club, bar, café, shop or restaurant, layout is imperative to the efficiency and success of the business. You must ask two questions. 1. Where do you want to lead the clientele, and 2.How do your employees relate to the clientele?

First question; you need to direct the clientele to the area that generates the most revenue, i.e. for bars and clubs this will be the bar, restaurants to tables and in a shop to merchandise.  Simply put, which area of the business generates the most amount of money? So where should customers be lead to?

In answer to the second question, in all cases customers must be served but how this happens varies from business to business. In retail space or store, employees will need to help clients with selecting merchandise as well as ringing up the sale. For clubs and restaurants it’s essential that the staff have plenty of room to serve drinks and food while facilitating for continuous customer flow.

Optimal functionality seamlessly blended with design; designs of color, lighting, texture and creative use of space. The space that defines your business, that makes it unique and different to the bar, restaurant, or club next door. The space that is the showpiece for your business, creating the unique atmosphere that is experienced by your customers. What makes you different? The atmosphere, that is experienced, created through the seamless combination of service, food, ambience, and design.

Use of space with good interior design affects your bottom line. As specialists in this area CD Commercial offer new, refurb, refit and fit out design and lighting solutions and drawing on other businesses within the CD Group furniture, upholstery, wall panels, curtains and cushions.

If you would like to enhance your commercial space for 2016 Season, time is running out. For industry experts, total in house team and effective results, call Continental Design Commercial on + 34 952 900 313 or visit our website www.continentaldesigncommercial.com or more information.

Please tell us which is your favorite bar, club, café or restaurant in Marbella, Puerto Banus or Gibraltar and why?

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